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Windows Tax-refund

Posted by Dragoslava Greve on November 25, 2008

An interesting and useful initiative by the fellowship of FSFE – an information repository on how to get a refund for the software license fee, people are bound to pay even if they have no intention to use that specific software.

The “Windows Tax” has artificially increased hardware prices for users of GNU/Linux by a mandatory payment to Microsoft even though no Microsoft software is being used on these machines. The reason: Almost any computer and laptop is bundled with a Microsoft Windows licence. Most vendors will not sell computers without it because apparently their terms with Microsoft do not allow it.

The only way to counteract that “Windows Tax” on PCs and laptops is to ask for a refund, but details on this process are not easy to find, and there is no central repository to allow people gather and share their information with the process.

More information on the FSFE’s Wiki


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