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Analysis on balance: Standardisation and Patents

Posted by Dragoslava Greve on December 2, 2008

Standards and patents for me is a very dry issue, which is difficult to be explained in a simple way. Georg managed to do this quite well, and I am sure this is going to be very useful for many people, interested in the topic.

Software patents have been a hugely controversial debate, with lines of battle drawn primarily between large corporations holding large patent portfolios and engaged in multiple cross-licensing deals, and the Have-Nots, entrepeneurs, small and medium enterprises, and software users from the student using GNU/Linux all the way to institutional users in governments.

This debate got a lot quieter with the rejection of the software patent directive in 2005. Its place in the headlines was taken by other debates, such as standardisaton. Open Standards have been a buzzword for years, but never has this term been discussed more intensively.

On Wednesday, 19 November 2008, both debates met in Brussels at a workshop titled “IPR in ICT standardisation”, although “Patents in ICT standardisation” would have been a more suitable name because the discussion was exlusively about the interaction of patents and ICT standardisation.

Patents and standards are fundamentally at odds, so many people call for a balance between patents and standards. This article comments upon the workshop and explains why standards should prevail over patents at least in the area of software.

read the rest of the analysis here

Стандартите и патентите за мен са суха материя, но цитирания по-горе анализ може да е полезен на интересуващите се от областта. Освен всичко друго, ясно показва колко и защо са важни отворените стандарти.


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