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Europe can learn a lot from Bulgaria on high-speed broadband

Posted by jvelkova on September 28, 2009

On 28th September 2009 the first national survey in Bulgaria was launched focusing explicitly on investigating the level of high-speed internet penetration in the country and its influence on the local economy.

The survey is conducted in all regions in the country and is commissioned by the FTTH Council Europe.  It is carried out by Yankee Group in co-operation with ISOC Bulgaria. The survey is part of a study on the socio-economic benefits of high-speed (fibre) internet in Bulgaria. The purpose of it is to investigate how high-speed (fibre) internet has enabled economic growth and contributed to improvements in other socio-economic metrics in Bulgaria.

In order to get a better picture of the usage of the high-speed internet in Bulgaria, a high response rate to the survey is needed.

For this reason, we ask everyone who is using internet to take part in the survey, which can be found at: http://survey.isoc.bg/.

Through filling in the survey, you will contribute to placing Bulgaria on the map as a leading nation and example in Europe with respect to its access to high speed broadband internet.

The results of the study can serve as a way to boost attention within Europe about the current state of the market regarding high-speed broadband penetration rates in Bulgaria, which are manifestly underreported in most international reports.

“We can and plan to learn a lot from how Bulgarians use their access to very high speed broadband” commented Benoît Felten from Yankee Group, USA.  “We are in particular interested in how this advanced access affects the daily lives of ordinary people in Bulgaria, their contacts with remote relatives and also how it affects their work situation. This includes the ability to work from home and the propensity to work in or start-up IT and internet intensive businesses”.

The Survey Project team on behalf of FTTH Council Europe and Yankee Group:

ISOC Bulgaria
tel: +359 2 401 8009
email: office -a-t- isoc.bg

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