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ITU Council meeting – April 2010

Posted by ISOC.BG News on May 7, 2010

Report from Geneva, April 2010

Purpose of the meeting

In accordance with Rule 1 of the Rules of Procedure of the ITU Council the 2010 session of the Council was held at ITU Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland from Tuesday, 13 April 2010 to Thursday, 22 April 2010.

The interest of ITU Member States Administrations to participate at this meeting was very high: more than 330 participants representing 46 Member States of Council, 36 Member State Observers, and 4 Sector Member Observers took part in the discussion.
In total ninety seven entities have been represented by 401 participants.
All five elected ITU officials did attend: Dr Hamadoun Toure, Secretary-General and Mr. Houlin Zhao, ITU Deputy Secretary General together with Mr. Sami Al Basheer Al Morchid, Director, Telecommunication Development Bureau, Mr Valery Timofeev, Director Radio communications Bureau and Mr. Malcolm Johnson, Director, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau.
The Plenary meetings were chaired by Mr. R.N. Jha, Chairman, India with Mr. Fernando Borjón, Vice Chairman, Mexico.
The meetings of the Standing Committee on Administration and Management were chaired by Mr. Reynaldo C. Gonzales Bustamante, Mexico.

This Council 2010 held total of 16 meetings – 10 Plenary Meetings and 6 meetings of the Standing Committee on ADM – without the need for weekend sessions, night sessions, or voting and with consistently reached consensus.
Total of 86 documents, including many contributions from Member States have been reviewed and discussed.

Formal texts were adopted and consensus reached on key issues as follows:
– Continuation of the work of the Council Working Group for the elaboration of the draft strategic plan and the draft financial plan for 2012-2015;
– Agreement to hold WCIT-12 in November 2012, back-to-back with the WTSA (Document C10/DT/6);
– Agreement on ITU’s role in ICTs and improving Road Safety (Document C10/63/Rev.1);
– Principles for the future of ITU Telecom were defined and we look forward to PP-10’s endorsement of a revised Resolution 11 (Documents C10/26, 66 and C10/DT/7);
– Approved four years report to PP on the activities of the Union (Document C10/35 Part 4);
– Reviewed preparations for WTDC-10 (DocumentC10/29/Rev.1) and PP-10 (Document C10/19/ Rev.1 and 47);
– Approved report on preparations for PP-1 (Document C10/34);
– Advanced in its discussions on the creation of an Independent Audit Advisory Committee (Document C10/75) with final results expected at next FinRegs and PP-10 on this issue;
– Agreed that a Group needs to be created to find a way forward in streamlining the ITU Convention and the Constitution, and
– Agreed the continuation of the work on conformance and interoperability testing, taking account of the extensive views expressed by Councilors (WTSA Resolution 76, Documents C10/15/Rev.1, 48, 49 and 64).

The Plenary Meeting on Thursday, 15th of April has considered in particular the following:
a) WSIS: ITU role in implementing outcomes (Resolutions 140, 1244, 1281 & 1282, as well as documents C10/24 “Reports on the main results of WG-WSIS an of the Dedicated Group on Internet-Related Policy Issues” and document C10/53, contribution by Russian Federation, on “ITU implementation of WSIS outcomes”);
b) Report on the Third Meeting of the Dedicated Group on Internet-Related Policy Issues Addendum 1 to Doc. C10/24; and
c) Internet Activities (Resolutions 101, 102, 133 and documents C10/13 & C10/35).

The delegations of many countries, as well as the Secretary-General, the Chairman of the Council WSIS WG and the Chairman of the Council Dedicated Group took the floor and the Council ruled-out that it will complete relevant reports after the summer meetings in June of WSIS and DG CWGs and present them for approval at the extraordinary session of the Council prior to PP-10 in Guadalahara, Mexico.

After interventions by some countries about GAG and ICANN (where ITU is observer), the Council held a discussion.
It was underlined that ITU has missed the opportunity to be central in Internet Governance as result of short sighted decisions taken by the ITU Council in the past and that nowadays ITU could only constructively assist for enhancing further the process of Internet Governance.
Strong requests were voiced by many delegations for both inviting established Internet players and stakeholders to participate in relevant Council Working Groups (CWGs) and for submitting contributions for further consideration by the above mentioned CWGs.
On the issue of free on-line access to ITU publications (documents C10/22, 52, 57) , many countries took the floor but no consensus was reached. This issue will be referred to the Plenipotentiary Conference 2010 for further consideration.

Many delegations took the floor on the following:
– IP address allocation and encouraging the development of IPv6 (WTSA Resolution 64 and document C10/45/Rev1;
– Strengthening the role of ITU in building confidence and security in the use of ICTs (Resolution 130 and documents C10/12,77);
– ICTs to bridge the digital divide (Resolution 139 and document C10/16); and
– CWG report on Child Online Protection (Resolution 1306 and document C10/44).
The Council decided to take note of the above-mentioned contributions.

It is worth pointing out however that many delegations requested that ITU should not get involved in the Cyber warfare and that the Union should open itself more for cooperation with established stakeholders in relevant domains of Internet and the work should continue to progress as appropriate at ITU Council Working Groups.

Other topics, not relevant to the Internet Governance issues, were also discussed.


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