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Как да пишем Криейтив Комънс проекти, които да бъдат финансирани…

Posted by Dragoslava Greve on March 4, 2011

… е изключително важен въпрос за всеки имаш идея, за която има нужда от финансиране и на който за щастие можете да получите отговор (а и умения) съвсем скоро.

Колежката ни Юлия Велкова участва като експерт – наставник и оценител на проекти в онлайн курс за изграждане на умения за писане на проекти – от идеята и нейното разработване до проектното бюджетиране и разпределение на ресурсите. Курсът се организира от организациите Криейтив Комънс в скандинавските страни, безплатен е и ще продължи в рамките на 10 седмици.

В този период освен семинари, ще можете да се възползвате и от индивидуални лекции, които да ви дадат насоки как да разработите максимално добре идеята си, и от експертни рецензии на разработката ви. От вас се очаква да имате интересна идея и да отелите около 20 часа на седмица в периода от 18 април до 12 юни за лекции и активна работа.

Курсът е безплатен, онлайн и кандидатури се приемат от 31-ви март. Ако имате интерес да кандидатствате, моля пишете на Jonas Öberg, който отговаря за курсa по писане на Криейтив Комънс проекти, на: jonas [at] ffkp.se

По-надолу е и оригиналното съобщение.


Are you interested in writing a proposal to get funding for your Creative Commons project?

If so, you might be interested in the course “Getting your CC project
funded” which we will run starting in April. The course is meant for those
working with, or wanting to work with, finding funding for Creative Commons
projects. Through a series of workshops and seminars, you will be taken
through the steps from an initial idea to having a finished project proposal
that can be submitted. You provide the idea — we provide the guidance to
turn this into a proposal that can’t be refused.

The course will run over 10 weeks and provide, aside from the workshops,
individual mentoring and a series of peer and expert reviews of your
proposal. By the end of the 10th week of the course, you will have received
a final review of your project proposal. Based on the comments received from
that and previous peer and expert reviews you can then proceed to submit
your proposal to a funding body and hope that they will think your project
as exciting as we do!

During the course of the project, you will also be assisted individually in
identifying and finding funding bodies relevant for your application, as
well as necessary collaborations that might be needed for your proposal.

We intend to run the course at P2PU and expect to be able to accept around
15 applicants from the CC Affiliate Network. If there are outside
applicants, they might also be accepted to the course: what matters most is
that the applicants have interesting ideas to work on, and can spend enough
time to actually write a complete proposal during the course. Applicants are
expected to spend around 5 hours per week on the course during the period 18
April to 12 June, plus additional time (up to about 15 hours per week) on
your own, writing and researching your proposal. There is no financial cost
to take the course.

Though only 15 participants will take the course this time around, the
entire course, material, and other information, including the proposals
which you write in the course, is open for anyone to follow on the P2PU
platform under a CC BY-SA license.

If you are interested in participating in the course, you can read more at
the P2PU page* (Official sign-up opens 31 March)

And at the Creative Commons wiki:

If you already have experience from applying or reviewing project proposals,
we would also love to hear from you. In order to be able to work with
proposals written in other languages, we would like to recruit some external
reviewers, and you could form part of this team. Some students will also
need help finding funding bodies relevant for their projects. If you have
experience from funding bodies within your area, you can contribute with
your experience to students with ideas matching those funding bodies.

We look forward to hearing from you, and expect to have a very fun and
exciting course come April. One that will hopefully lead to a dozen or more
Creative Commons projects. The one navigating the course for Creative
Commons is Jonas Öberg who can be reached at jonas [at] ffkp.se. Jonas is a
lecturer at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden during the day and works
with Creative Commons Sweden, as well as Finland, Norway, Denmark and
Iceland during evenings and nights.

Jonas and Julia Velkova at Internet Society Bulgaria will serve as expert
reviewers for proposals completed as part of the course. Jonas has worked as
a reviewer for the European Commission, as well as authored and co-authored
numerous proposals for the European Commission and several Nordic cultural
foundations. Julia has worked with and authored projects for the United
Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Open Society Institute, European
Commission and Internet Society in her work for the Internet Society

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