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ETNO continues to push forward its members agenda – against all Internet users

Posted by Veni Markovski on September 24, 2012

Last week 12 Internet Societies from across Europe sent a letter to ETNO, the lobbyist organization. ETNO responded today. Interestingly enough, first sending it to the press, and publishing it on their web site, but never bothering to email the signatories.

We wouldn’t go into making comments on their text now (we reserve the right to do so at another time), as it is going to be a waste of time – as the flaws and errors are so many, that it’s impossible to put the record straight, than just to tell you, “Trust us, we are the Internet users’ organization, not a lobbyist group, interested in bringing more profits to its members”.

However, the ETNO response, and the way it was “delivered”, makes us even more committed to issue the following statement:

The Internet Society of Bulgaria stands firm on its positions that the ETNO proposals are bad for the development of the Internet. They take into consideration only one thing – the profits of the big telecom monopolies in Europe (namely France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, and Telefonica), the leading proponents of the ETNO proposals. They don’t – and won’t – take into account the interests of the users to enjoy free, open and democratic Internet, at high speeds and low costs.

ISOC-Bulgaria is against the ETNO proposals to the ITU WCIT, and would do everything possible to make sure they won’t pass.

We urge every Internet-friendly organization, and every individual who cares about the Internet, and is against attempts by governments, their agents, or lobbyist groups to implement rules and regulations on the Internet, to support our position.
Write to your member of the European Parliament.
Inform your national deputies.
Talk to members of the cabinet of your government.
Call friends, raise awareness, write blogs.
The ETNO proposals are worse than ACTA, SOPA and PIPA.

There’s no time – act now!


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