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Official Bulgarian Position For the ITU WCIT-12

Posted by Internet Society - Bulgaria on December 7, 2012

This is the official Bulgarian position for the ITU World Conference on International Telecommunications, as published on the Ministry of Transport, IT and Communications (MTITC) site. ISOC-Bulgaria has sent its comments back in September to the MTITC, and clearly they were used in the formation of the position. We have expressed our concerns in a number of publications, for example this interview with our chairman of the board Veni Markovski, or in this co-signed statement.


Bulgaria organized a 7-week public consultation (July 23rd-September 10th, 2012) in order to receive views from stakeholders on the draft revision of the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs). Within the forthcoming revision and taking into account various submissions, Bulgaria is pleased to announce to the WCIT that its position will be based on the following key  guidelines  of national importance:

  1. The ITRs should establish high-level, general principles for the provision and operation of international telecommunications services and should not address specific regulatory and technical matters because of the various national specifics worldwide. The ubiquitous principles should be access to contemporary telecommunications, affordability and transparency of prices, accessibility of services, and encouragement of investments in infrastructure and innovations and respectively, stimulation of demand.Principles of technology and service neutrality should become also part of the revised regulations.
  1. The ITRs should state that the ITU recommendations are taken into utmost account but remain non-binding documents which promote best practices.Being elaborated with the active participation of certain companies, Sector Members of the ITU, this might create market distortions.
  1. .International telecommunications traffic should be based on greater international co-operation between network operators and service providers, but primarily should avoid causing burden to consumers, regardless of the economic situation of the countries they live in.
  1. International mobile roaming is also an issue of great importance which settles relations between mobile operators worldwide with significant direct impact on consumers. Therefore, we would support proposals for incorporating provisions fostering pro-competitive measures related tolowering of, and achieving greater transparency on, prices.
  1. The Internet should remain free and unregulated, and therefore we will support proposals stimulating freedom of expression and openness of the Internet, which we believe underpin the dynamics of the Internet and should be respected as fundamental human rights.
  1. Cybersecurity and combating cyber crime should remain an issue of national competence. We believe in,and encourage all Member States to further engage in enhancing bilateral, regional and global cybersecurity cooperation.
  1. The ITRs should promote commercial negotiations between various market players instead of regulating those relationships which could stifle competition. The ITU, as a recognized world organization, should not get involved in settling disputes among operators, but could call them through the ITRs for acting fairly under competitive conditions, or give non-binding guidance in accordance with its mandate, when applicable.
  1. Preventing the use of telecommunications for malicious purposes (fraud, misuse of numbers etc.) should be a national priority and best approaches how to achieve it could be devised locally, bearing in mind the particular nature of such acts. There could not be a fits-all model or a common framework since a given approach might be applicable in one country but not in another and that is why, we should insist on flexibility in this regard.

The Republic of Bulgaria reserves its right to add to, or modify, the views expressed herewith in the course of WCIT discussions and forthcoming coordination meetings.

ISOC-Bulgaria is happy with the position of the Bulgarian ministry.


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