Интернет общество – България | ISOC-Bulgaria

News for and from Internet Society – Bulgaria | Новини от и за “Интернет общество – България”


This is the blog for news from the Internet Society of Bulgaria.

Това е блог за новини от и за “Интернет общество – България

Можете да използвате материалите тук при условията на “Криейтив комънс – признание”:

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Internet Society Bulgaria news by Internet Society Bulgaria is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Bulgaria License.
Based on a work at isocbg.wordpress.com.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. Hello my name is Alexander Borisov and I’m Bulgarian citizen but I live in Greece the last 20 years,i have a qestion

    is the register.bg the only company alowed to register a .bg domain names?
    is there any specifik low on that?

    in greece is about 423 Registrars

    do you know where i can aply for .bg Registrars? i look on the website of http://www.register.bg but is nothing there


  2. Giasou!
    Register.bg has a pretty good page in describing what it takes to register a domain. Or just call them. We don’t do registrations.

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